Blue Ridge Parkway Day Tours

Blue Ridge Parkway cycling tour

Visiting Asheville for a few days?  Wondering which section of the Blue Ridge Parkway you should ride?  We have answers…

Our routes include options that are suitable for casual riders or challenging to the avid road cyclist; for the first-time visitor or the experienced repeat visitor.



We have a number of favorite routes on the Parkway: loops, out-and-backs, and shuttle-supported one-way rides.  We’ll match your abilities and desires with a beautiful route that will work for you.  We can keep it short and easy, or arrange for you to ride to the top of the highest mountain in the Eastern U.S.

Because the Velo Girl grew up a stone’s throw (literally) from the Parkway, you’ll be getting the insider’s view.

We provide lunch and snacks along the way, and optionally dinner and entertainment after your ride.

If you’d like to mix hiking and walking with your ride, we have numerous alternatives to offer — many with stunning vistas of the Blue Ridge.

You can bring your bike, or we can help arrange a rental for you — and even pick it up for you in advance of your arrival if you’re pressed for time.


WHERE TO MEET?VGR Van and Trailer

We’ll pick you up where you’re staying in our luxury Velo Girl Rides Sprinter van, and your bike comes too — inside a trailer specially-built for keeping your bike safe and out of the weather.



Blue Ridge ParkwayVelo Girl Rides offers cycling tours on the Blue Ridge Parkway under the authorization of a National Park Service permit.  This means we must follow certain rules and regulations for how, where and when we ride; our vehicles and their use; and our guides, including their certifications.

Most of the requirements are good common sense, in the best interests of our safety and/or consistent with our regular riding policies.  We’ll remind you of the NPS Parkway requirements before and throughout the trip.


You will be fully-supported at all times with a friendly SAG (Support and Gear) vehicle carrying supplies, food, fluids, ice, first aid equipment, and of course, encouragement.

You may choose to ride in the SAG vehicle at any time, for any reason.

Safety is important at Velo Girl Rides, given that mixing bicycle riding and motor vehicles is always dangerous, even on the Parkway (where the vehicle speed limit is 45 MPH).

We’ll be talking with you in detail about Safety, both what we can do to help, and the choices you can make to be safe on your bike.  If the worst happens, we are certified for first aid, CPR, and often have an EMT along too.  We carry an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) in one of the SAG vehicles.

If you have questions about safety — please ask.

GUIDESJen Billstrom

A guide will ride with you, to help ensure your safety (and keep you on the route).  Your guides are there to help you with the inevitable issues that come up on a ride — large or small.

Our guides have ridden all or most of the Parkway before, and know all of the routes we use because they ride them for their own enjoyment.

The maximum number of riders is 12 — we like to keep it small, fun, and we like to laugh… we hope you do too.


The cost of a full-day tour is $125 per person; contact us for the cost of various options such as the evening meal and bicycle rental.

If you have more time, we also offer multiple day tours.



Yes, Velo Girl Rides is insured.  We’ll also ask you to read, understand, and sign our Liability Agreement (PDF Download) which indicates you understand bicycle riding is dangerous and risky, and that you are assuming that risk as part of your cost of participating in a tour with us.  Seriously, please download the PDF and read it before you come play with us.