Learning to run errands by bicycle

David surprised me with a Specialized Globe commuting bicycle for my birthday and I am beginning to learn the ropes of commuting by bike.

First things first — can I call it commuting when I am actually using the bike to run errands from my home office instead of riding from my home to my office?  Should I refer to my style of riding as “erranding” instead of commuting?

I haven’t had the bike for long, but I have already learned some valuable lessons:My New Bike

  • Don’t leave the house without money and house keys – for some reason, riding this bike is more like child’s play than riding my road bike.  I am too tempted to just jump on and ride away without a care in the world — just like a child would do…maybe that’s part of the magic of owning an erranding bike.
  • Get a bottle cage and saddle bag – I haven’t tricked out the bike yet and I didn’t realize how thirsty and hungry one can become while erranding by bike.
  • Get shoes that clip to the pedals – Wow…I had forgotten how inefficient pedaling can be when your foot is not clipped to the pedal.  You can also look pretty funny when your foot instinctively tries to pull up on the pedal as you are climbing a hill and instead goes flying up into the air making you look like you should be walking until you learn how to ride the bike!
  • Put the eggs in your backpack – no need to explain in further detail.
  • Get a headlight so that erranding can include enjoying refreshments while picking up a growler at the local brewery — you might need to hang around for a while, listen to music and sober up a little before hitting the road…it could get dark outside.
I would love to have your feedback about erranding and commuting by bike.  Unfortunately, I cannot leave comments open or I will received tons of spam.  So, contact me via email or Facebook if you have some good advice for the newbie errander.